Colorado Healthcare Price Transparency – Senate Bill 65

As of January 1, 2018 Colorado State law requires all health care providers and facilities to publish and list the cash pay prices (fees) for the top fifteen procedures provided by the practice. For over a decade, we have always strived to provide quality Oral Surgical care at fair/clear/accessible fees. We gladly comply with this Colorado Law providing our fee schedule as follows:

  • Limited Oral Exam for consultation and evaluation $65.00 D0140
  • Panoramic X-Ray View of jaws and teeth $110.00 D0330
  • Simple Removal of tooth $160.00 D7140
  • Surgical Removal of tooth $250.00 D7210
  • Removal of tooth covered by gingival tissue (Soft Tissue Impacted) $300.00 D7220
  • Removal of tooth partially covered by bone (Partial Bony Impacted) $395.00 D7230
  • Removal of tooth completely covered by bone (Full Bony Impacted) $470.00 D7240
  • Intravenous Anesthesia (Sleep Medications) for first 15 minutes $200.00 D9222 Additional 15 minutes #200.00 D9223
  • Intravenous Sedation (Twilight Medications) for first 15 minutes $200.00 D9239
  • Exposure of tooth to assist in Orthodontic treatment $442.00 D7280 + Placement of Orthodontic button $464.00 D7283
  • Biopsy of Oral Soft Tissue growth or abnormality $400.00 D7286
  • Dental Implant placement for each implant $2000.00 D6010
  • Graft of extraction socket in preparation of implant if indicated $520.00 D7953
  • Removal of tooth which previous provider was unable to remove $437.00 D7999

In addition, we have always worked hard with local companies and their insurance plans to provide patients with maximum access to our in network provider status; further reducing out of pocket expenses.